Tygris Synthetic Ejector Pin Lubricant NSF IS45

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High temperature ejector pin lubricant. Nonfood Compounds Program Listed H1 Registration Number: 122839

Tygris IS45 is a high temperature, food area safe, synthetic product suitable for the lubrication of ejector pins, pillars and bushes on plastic injection moulding machines. Highly tenacious lubricant with an operating temperature of up to 240°C which will reduce contamination to mouldings, helping to prevent seizure and to protect against corrosion.

Download NSF Letter of Registration here


  • Highly tenacious – resistant to ‘creeping’ on ejectors
  • Provides long lasting lubrication
  • Reduced mould contamination
  • High surface slip
  • Suitable up to 240°C
  • Water resistant
  • Fully synthetic
  • All angle valve – can be used inverted

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