Draper Vehicle Vacuum Gauge Testing Kit – 68714

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Expert Quality, designed to help locate and identify faults on vehicles. Applications include fuel, ignition, ignition transmission, air conditioning, fuel lines, emissions, vacuum brake and clutch bleeding. Diecast body with gauge and accessory kit. Easily dismantled for cleaning. Display packed in blow mould storage case with sleeve.


Piston stroke volume 1 cubic inch
Range 0 – 76cm Hg of vacuum


  •    Hose end cones: 4 x small; 2 x medium; 1 x large
  •    Bleed nipple adaptors: 1 each of small, medium, large
  •    Gun cones: x 2
  •    Hose adaptor
  •    Suction cup 32mm diameter
  •    Reservoir 120ml
  •    Extension tubes: x 9