Draper 81416 Timing Kit for Ford and Volvo Vehicles

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Draper complete set of essential tools for replacing the timing belt/chain or correcting the belt/chain tension on Ford and Volvo vehicles. Ideal for professional vehicle technicians. Manufactured from pressed steel and supplied in a hardwearing plastic storage case. Suitable for Ford vehicles with HUBA, HUWA, HYDA, HYBA, HYDC and JZDA engine codes. Volvo vehicles with B4204S2, B416S, B4204S, B5234T5, B5244T, B5254T2, B4164S2, B5234T6, B5244T3, B5254T3, B4184S, B4204T, B5234T7, B5244T4, B5254T4, B4184S2, B4204T2, B5234T8, B5244T5, B5254T5, B4184S3, B4204T3, B5234T9, B5244T7, B5254T6, B4184S9, B4204T5, B5244FS, B5244T2, B5254T7, B4184S10, B5234FS, B5244S2, B5244S4, B5254T8, B4194T, B5234T3, B5244SG, B5244S5, B5254T10, B4194T2, B5234T4, B5244SG2, B5244S7 and, B5254T11 engine codes.

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Timing Kit for Ford and Volvo Vehicles