Draper 12V 7A Inverter Battery Charger – 48485

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12V 7A Inverter Battery Charger
High output compact electronic charger for use with any type of lead acid battery with a capacity of up to 225Ah. As long as the battery isn’t faulty the inverter charger’s intelligent, multi-stage charging regime will ensure that it’s fully charged to its maximum capacity. The charging regime is three step fully automatic with pulse maintenance. Four charging programmes – 14.4V for batteries up to 225Ah; 14.7V for batteries up to 225Ah (cold mode); 5A/13.6V as a constant power supply/starter charging of very low charge batteries/memory saving function for disconnected batteries; 16V battery equalization for the recovery of partially sulphated batteries. Fully protected against short circuits and ± polarity inversion this charger is weatherproof (IP65), easy to use and wall mountable (fixings not supplied). Inverter chargers can ONLY be used with lead-acid battery types as follows: wet, MF, VRLA, AGM, GEL and lead calcium. Supplied with set of crocodile clips. Display packed. 0 Specification:
Charging output   …   12V
Input-single phase   …   230V
Absorbed power   …   130W
Charge voltage   …   14.4-16.0V
Charging current   …   7A
Charging programme   …   4
Nominal capacity   …   14-225Ah
Insulation   …   IP65
Dimensions   …   202 x 90 x 45mm
Weight   …   650g 0