Tygris De-Watering, Anti-Rust Tool Protector IS3

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Protects against corrosion for up to 2 years – indoor storage

Tygris IS3 is a professional very high performance water displacement spray. So effective that it will actually displace other leading brands, IS3 also offers good lubrication characteristics. A protective film is left on the treated surface, guarding against corrosion. Use on tooling, chains, switchgear, machinery and ignition systems.


  • Excellent water displacement – chases away droplets
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces
  • Removes moisture from ignition systems for easier starting
  • Fast drying
  • Virtually transparent coating – removal not normally necessary
  • Protects against rust for up to 2 years inside storage
  • Acts as a light lubricant
  • The dry coating meets MOD specification 68-19(PX-24) and NATO Code C-634

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