Ambersil Corrosion Inhibitor 400ml Aerosol Anti-Corrosion Treatment – 31628

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AMBERSIL CORROSION INHIBITOR is a protective coating that provides long lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

Ambersil Corrosion Inhibitor is designed to provide good short to medium term protection of metallic parts and components. Principally designed for indoor use, corrosion inhibitor will also provide a degree of short-term protection to components stored outdoors.


Soft, flexible film : Will not harden or crack, total protection assured. Displaces moisture : No need to use separate de-watering fluid Film allows subsequent handling : Resists acid finger marking Resists the effects of high humidity : Versatile in use


Appearance : Opaque, brown liquid Protection against corrosion : Meets requirements of MIL-PRF-16173E (Class I, Grade 2) Water displacing : Passes IP 178, Method B Salt spray test : 250 Hours minimum protection (ASTM B117) @ 18 ┬Ám film thickness Film forming properties : A continuous, homogenous film remains after 20 minutes Solubility : Soluble in solvents, insoluble in water Flammability : Classified as extremely flammable under Current EC Regulations Flashpoint : Not applicable in sealed aerosol


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