3.2mm 316L Welding Rods / Electrodes


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MMA electrode – rutile flux coated 316L electrode on high purity 304L core wire. Ultramet has all the benefits of an advanced rutile flux design – this includes optimum versatility for down hand welding with high cosmetic finish and weld metal integrity; and all-positional welding with the 3.2mm electrodes including fixed pipework. Recovery is about 115% with respect to core wire, 65% with respect to whole electrode.

These consumables are used for Mo bearing austenitic stainless steels with 1.5 – 3% Mo. They are also suitable for Ti or Nb stabilised and nitrogen-bearing or free machining versions of the above alloys. Type 316/316L steels are widely used for their good resistance to pitting, many acids and general corrosion.

AWS A5.4: E316L-16
BS EN 1600: E 19 12 3 L R 32
Approvals: TUV, Germanischer Lloyd, LRS

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